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Quality heavy duty carpets:

Cormar carpets Primo Choice Elite £15.53 per square metre, £12.99 per square yard.
Extra heavy domestic twist pile.

Budget Berber price saver:

Natural felt backed carpets from just £5.97 per square metre, £4.99 a square yard.

Hull Showroom | Vinyl Flooring

In the last 25 years vinyl flooring has come a long way. Big improvements in the manufacturing process and the finishes available have created more modern options for today's flooring consumer.

The benefits of vinyl include affordability, more warmth underfoot compared to tile, quick installation, superior performance in moisture-prone areas, and it's also available in wide selection of colours and patterns.

Be sure to let us know your requirements and we will help you find the perfect vinyl floor to suit your needs in our Hull showroom.

Advantages of today's modern vinyl flooring:

  • Bare foot comfort
  • Warmth underfoot
  • Quick to install
  • The best to use in damp environments
  • Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Available in a wide range of colours and patterns

Every day all day we beat all major chain store or franchise prices.